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Reiki  -  A Powerful and Effective Hands On Healing Technique 
reiki avalon elizabeth harley

Reiki is an ancient healing therapy which is believed to have originated in Tibet,
later surfacing in Japan and introduced to the Western World in the mid 1970’s. 
Since then its use has spread worldwide and now millions of people use Reiki to help themselves and others stimulate the natural healing processes. 

Reiki has evolved as an energy medicine which can be understood through advanced physics principles.
( Pronounced Ray-Key ) is neither cult, religion nor belief system and is beyond all our human divisions.

Besides the obvious use in illness, Reiki actively promotes the healing process in many other ways. Reiki acts not only on the physical levels, but also addresses mental, emotional, and energetic imbalances. You don't need to have anything "wrong" with you to benefit from Reiki.

Reiki has a similar effect on the body/mind as meditation.  Regular Reiki promotes personal & spiritual growth, expands consciousness and stimulates intuitive, spiritual and creative awareness.

Reiki Practitioners often say that one hour of Reiki is the equivalent of three to four hours deep relaxing sleep and Reiki is one of the most effective natural stress relief and health improvement therapies available today. 

Activation of Reiki
within a persons hands is made possible by a simple process called an "attunement". The attunement or empowerment is performed by a Reiki Master during a workshop. It is the attunement which allows the person to tap into and channel the Reiki energy. It cannot be learned from books or just being talked about.  Without the attunement you may direct healing energy, but it will not be Reiki energy. 

No previous knowledge or training is required to attend the Reiki I workshop. Once Reiki is activated by the attunement process everyone is able to radiate this gentle, nurturing, unpolarised energy - regardless of age, experience, background or belief system.

Anyone can receive and learn to give a Reiki treatment and Reiki is entirely compatible with any other conventional or complementary treatments. In one weekend you can obtain the skills and attunements necessary to use Reiki effectively for yourself, your family, your friends and pets!

Elizabeth talks about her path to Reiki, the 5 Tibetans, whales and dolphins and standing up for those with no voice at:



Courses and Workshops

Call Elizabeth on 01343 209616 for more information.
 You can book courses by phone using debit/credit card or print out and post your booking form with Cheque / Postal Order



Avalon Holistic Retreat Centre

Avalon Elizabeth Harley Flags

The new Centre opened with a Medicine Buddha Puja & erection of Tibetan Prayer Flags with the Venerable Lobsang Khando. Please get in touch with Elizabeth  if you would like more information.


Avalon Retreat Centre, Moray Elizabeth Harley

Avalon, the mystical isle where King Arthur’s sword was forged was also where he was taken to heal his battle wounds. It was a magical place where man and nature worked in harmony, where the land is reputed to produce an abundance of fruit with no need for toil. This mystical isle could only be found by those who were ready.

Avalon Holistic Retreat Centre was originally built around 1995 by a visionary artist from Findhorn. Now run as a retreat centre, it is a magical place connected energetically with Findhorn, Glastonbury and Iona. It is the perfect place to come to find your own tools of empowerment, to heal old wounds, to deepen your connection with nature and develop skills to enhance your life with greater harmony, abundance and authenticity, to find your path and purpose and follow your dreams. Are you ready to accept your sword of destiny?

More information

Course/retreat schedule for 2015/16

Travel directions

Avalon Holistic Retreat Centre on Facebook

Contact Elizabeth


Avalon Retreat Centre, Moray Elizabeth Harley

Avalon offers regular meditation evenings, chanting evenings, Reiki shares & film nights as well as individual Reiki healing and Metamorphic Technique sessions.

2015 courses and retreats include:
Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Meditation, Gorgeous Goddess workshops, Angels, Sound Healing, Crystals, Animal Communication, Metamorphic Technique, Ascension and Lemurian Healing.

B and B available for most courses at £40 per night/£35 for two or more nights.


Avalon Retreat Centre, Moray Elizabeth Harley
DoubleTree by Hilton Aberdeen

Five Tibetan Yogas
10th - 11th October
Avalon, Roseisle, Moray
£165 (incl lunch)

Avalon, Roseisle, Moray
£165 (incl lunch)
Animal Communication
24th - 25th October
DoubleTree by Hilton Aberdeen

Reiki I Course 
IPTI Accredited
2 Day Foundation Course
Sat/Sun 31st October - 1st November
DoubleTree by Hilton Aberdeen


Sat/Sun 5th - 6th December
Avalon, Roseisle, Moray
£165 (incl lunch)

Inspirational, empowering and transformational foundation weekend!
Provides you with the skills and Attunements necessary to channel Reiki healing energy for yourself, your family, your friends and animals/plants/the world. Powerful and effective healing for yourself and others in a relaxing and fun weekend you will remember.
Even if you decide to continue your training to the highest level,
your Reiki I is always special!

Reiki II Course
IPTI Accredited
Practitioner Level

Sat/Sun 7th and 8th November
DoubleTree by Hilton Aberdeen
Sat/Sun 28th and 29th November
Avalon, Roseisle, Moray
£185 (Incl lunch)

 Strengthen your Reiki flow and learn how to expand your use of Reiki.
This is a powerful workshop which includes the Reiki symbols & mantras,
distant healing techniques, mental healing, mental reprogramming
and scanning & beaming Reiki energy.
This course may be taken for your personal benefit as well as enabling you
to practice Reiki professionally.

More Information

Gorgeous Goddess Group/Weekend

 25th - 27th August
Avalon, Roseisle, Moray
£165 (incl lunch)

27th - 29th March
Avalon, Roseisle, Moray
£165 (incl lunch)

Evening Group - Dates TBA
Avalon, Roseisle, Moray

This work will be lots of fun and very grounded, but we will also touch stars and ignite fires! Are you ready to reclaim & activate your Cauldron of Creative Potential, the incubator of life that gives birth to new stories? To realign with Goddess energy, embody the Divine Feminine and anchor deep in the Earth Mother? Are you ready to reconnect with the power of nature, inside and out? To step into your full power & potential as womb-man, reclaiming your own body, true essence and divine feminine blueprint? Goddess Weekend or series of 5 evenings on Tuesdays nearest the full moon, beginning on Imbolc festival on the 3rd February, 6-9pm and concluding with a sacred ceremony on the Wesak festival full moon.

More Information

Metamorphic Technique

/Sun 15th - 16th August
DoubleTree by Hilton Aberdeen
Sat/Sun 5th - 6th September
Avalon, Roseisle, Moray
£165 (incl lunch)

Suitable for individuals, healthcare workers, parents and practitioners.
Profound and transformative work on specific points on the feet, hands and head which correspond to our womb time and birth where many of our self-limiting, unhealthy or outmoded blocks & patterns arise that may otherwise affect us our whole lives

The Metamorphic Technique Website  

IPTI Accredited practitioner workshops taught by Metamorphic Association teacher Elizabeth Harley

Crystal Healing Workshops

Sunday September 20th
Avalon, Roseisle, Moray
£85 (incl lunch)
Saturday 14th November
DoubleTree by Hilton Aberdeen
reiki elizabeth harley reiki training centre avalon

The Crystal Healing Workshops can be taken by anyone with no need for previous knowledge since the Workshop is a  foundation course providing knowledge, skills and background information to enable you to use crystals safely, effectively and to connect to your crystals
at a deep level to magnify their healing potential. Includes simple and enjoyable healing methods and techniques to use for yourself and others.

More Information

Advanced Reiki Training
(Master Practitioner)

Saturday September 19th
Avalon, Roseisle. Moray
£175 (incl lunch)
Sunday 15th November
DoubleTree by Hilton Aberdeen

(Master Practitioner) Powerful advanced techniques to develop & improve your Reiki practice, for your clients and self. For Reiki II level and above. Manual. Certificated. RTC Registration. IPTI Accredited.
Advanced represents a quantum shift in your healing ability  enabling you to release deep seated blocks in yourself and others.
You will receive the Master Practitioner Attunement, be given the Master symbol to use and learn to set up a crystal grid for continuous distant healing.
To gain most benefit with the techniques of combining Reiki and crystal healing, it is recommended that you
attend the
Crystal Healing course.



Karuna Reiki Masters
28th - 30th August
Avalon, Roseisle. Moray
ICRT Accredited
2nd - 4th December (Holy Fire)
Avalon, Roseisle. Moray
ICRT Accredited

Karuna Reiki Findhorn retreat

Karuna is the jewel in the crown of Reiki. Elizabeth is an  ICRT registered  teacher,
on completion of this course you will be able to teach others to Karuna® Master level. Suitable for existing Reiki Master/Teachers.

Contact Elizabeth for more details



Reiki Master/Teacher Course

reiki elizabeth harley reiki training centre

11th - 13th September (Holy Fire Reiki Masters) please contact Elizabeth for details

11th - 13th December
Avalon, Roseisle. Moray
£485 (Incl lunch)
28th - 30th May
Avalon, Roseisle. Moray

£485 (Incl lunch)

High quality training expands & strengthens your healing ability and enables you to develop your personal, professional & spiritual potential as a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher. Certificated. IPTI Accredited.
More Information


Reiki Support Group

Attendance at Reiki groups can be used for your Reiki CPD hours.
Please contact Elizabeth on to confirm attendance.

reiki elizabeth harley reiki training centre Avalon


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"It was the most wonderful, exciting, spiritual journey which has helped me understand the power of the universe.
And the journey has just begun!”

Even if you decide to continue your training to the highest level, your Reiki I is always special!

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